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Basic Service in a Complex Place

July 27, 2021

Basic Service in a Complex Place

Elijah Kiambati Kiragu, Kenya

Elijah Kiambati Kiragu is a 32-year-old motorcycle taxi “boda boda” rider from Nairobi, Kenya. When met difficulties in life because of high unemployment in the country, he found the solution with the help of Mogo in Kenya.

Elijah began to work as a boda boda rider five years ago to earn a living and support his family. He was renting his motorcycle for 400 KES a day (~3 EUR) at the time and knew he would never own it. However, Elijah had a dream to get himself out of this “hand to mouth” existence.

He saved his money and eventually bought his first motorbike. Although it was second-hand, he was glad that he owned it and hoped that it would improve his life. Unfortunately, the bike had mechanical issues and its fuel consumption was unacceptably high. He just could not earn a living from it.

Elijah recently became a father, so his desire to raise his family’s living standard grew even stronger. He now wants to become a small business owner with the help of a Mogo leasing product.

With this, he will purchase another boda boda and rent it out to another rider. He will then purchase a tuk-tuk (a three-wheeler commonly used in Kenya to transport passengers or cargo), with the additional income that he plans to save and generate even more income for him and his family.