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A Way Way Up

We are an international FinTech company that enables upward social mobility in diverse communities around the world by creating access to innovative and sustainable financial solutions


Elevating Financial
Technology for Better Social Mobility


We drive innovation in financial technology to provide value to our customers


We offer accessible and convenient vehicle financing across diverse communities around the world


We offer accessible and convenient consumer financing across diverse communities around the world

More mobility

People with access to enhanced mobility have greater opportunities in life

More opportunities

People with access to greater opportunities have a more satisfying life

way up
Social mobility

Enhanced mobility and greater opportunities create more vibrant communities with smoother upward social mobility



Eleving Group is an international and fast-growing financial technology company with a vast reach across the globe. The Group operates in three continents facilitating financial inclusion and disruptively changing the financial services industry wherever it goes.

The transparency provided by the Group’s presence in the international capital market, its innovative financial solutions, and its talented team of more than 1 600 people are bringing its powerful and ambitious mission to life.

Founded in Latvia as Mogo in 2012 , the Group has revolutionized car purchasing and access to financial solutions. Having expanded throughout the Baltic region within its first year of business, the Group has continued its expansion over subsequent years, servicing a total of 14 active markets by the end of 2020. The Group has its headquarters in Latvia and now operates in the Baltics, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Africa.

The Group has been recognized on the Financial Times’ list of Europe’s 1 000 fastest growing companies twice since 2020.

250 000+
Loyal Customers
Markets Around the World
Top 1 000
Fastest Growing Company in Europe
1 600+
Talented Employees
2 000+
Partner Locations


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Eleving Group raises EUR 150 000 000 and successfully completes one of the largest bond issuances in the Baltics

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Eleving Group successfully issues EUR 150 million Corporate Bonds

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Our Way
Way Up

  • Founding of Mogo in Riga, Latvia
  • Launch of business in Lithuania and Estonia
  • Milestone reached of €1 million loans issued per month
  • €20 million bonds issued in the NASDAQ OMX Baltic Market
  • Milestone reached of 10 000+ customers
  • Launch of business in Georgia
  • Mogo attracts €23 million mezzanine growth capital
  • First loan listed on the Mintos marketplace
  • Launch of business in Romania
  • Net loan portfolio reached the €50+ million level
  • Launch of business in Armenia and Moldova
  • Milestone reached of 50 000+ customers
  • Introduction and launch of the regional HUB concept
  • Launch of business in Belarus and Uzbekistan
  • Mogo Finance issues €50 million corporate bond on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Milestone reached of €25 million annual EBITDA
  • Eurobond tapped reaching a total level of €75 million on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Net loan portfolio reached €100+ million
  • Milestone reached of 100 000+ customers
  • First car portals launched in Lithuania and Latvia
  • Launch of business in Kenya and Uganda
  • Fitch Rating B- received
  • Eurobond tapped reaching a total level of €100 million on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • “Primero” near-prime car loan joint venture launched in collaboration with EU bank in Latvia
  • Milestone reached of €30 million annual EBITDA
  • Acquisition of 3 consumer lending businesses in Moldova, North Macedonia and Albania
  • Mogo Finance is recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 1 000 Fastest Growing European companies
  • Milestone reached with the historically highest €45 million EBITDA
  • Milestone reached of 200 000+ customers
  • Loan portfolio reached €200+ million
  • Mogo Latvia bonds issued in the amount of €30 million on the Nasdaq Baltic Stock Exchange
  • Mogo Finance rebranded to Eleving Group
  • Mogo Finance is recognized by Financial Times second consecutive time as one of the 1 000 Fastest Growing European companies



LV Latvia
LT Lithuania
KE Kenya
UG Uganda
EE Estonia
BY Belarus
UA Ukraine
MD Moldova
RO Romania
MK North Macedonia
UZ Uzbekistan
AM Armenia
AL Albania
GE Georgia