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A boost in starting a thriving business

July 26, 2021

A boost in starting a thriving business

Cheban Yegenia was a hard-working man looking for opportunities to gain additional income; therefore, he worked as a taxi driver.

He had obtained Mogo financing for the car he used daily to carry the customers.

Seeing the hard work bearing fruit and turning out to be more than just an additional source of income, he eventually decided to buy two more cars, both using Mogo services again, since the previous experience with the financing offer was good.

This step allowed him to create jobs for other people and to gain financial stability. With the operations working out so well, he could expand his business and now owns a car lot of 10 cars.

In other words – Cheban has built his own business through the help of Mogo in Moldova, and he calls this collaboration the “success story of his life.”