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Eleving Group becomes a carbon-neutral company

June 13, 2022

On 7 June 2022, Eleving Group received a Carbon Neutrality Certificate from Carbon Footprint Ltd. The company achieved it by participating in co-financing the reforestation of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and co-financing the purchase of effective household cookstoves in the UpEnergy Improved Cookstoves Programme in Uganda.

In the last ten years, the project in Kenya has planted over 200 000 trees and rehabilitated over 160 hectares of the forest helping in restoring the water catchment ecosystem function of the forest. Meanwhile, UpEnergy’s stoves replace primarily the traditional three-stone fires. The households this project serves save several hours per day through reduced time used for cooking and fuel collection, and those who purchase fuel save up to USD 72 per year, which is a considerable amount of money for local households.

‘Our green initiatives to offset the climate impact of the company’s business processes and managed portfolio are a logical continuation of the group-level ESG strategy adopted in the spring of this year. Through our involvement in these projects, we provide significant support with a positive economic and environmental impact to local communities. We are aware of our business, and in the foreseeable future, we are committed to launching a series of new projects related to green mobility and corporate social responsibility,’ says Eleving Group Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Arturs Cakars.

It follows from the strategic goals that the company will increase the number of emission-free vehicles in its portfolio to at least 1 000 by the end of 2025. In addition, it is planned to develop green vehicle rental and leasing services through the represented brands and introduce car subscription and electrical car-sharing products. At the same time, Eleving Group continues the work to streamline internal processes and reduce resource consumption by choosing more sustainable procedures and solutions.