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Eleving Group’s product universe

Financing Services Mobility and inclusion

Financing 74%

Financing products include traditional lease and leaseback products as well as consumer financing products that accounted for 74% of the Group’s total net portfolio as at June 2023.

Accessible financing through traditional online and offline consumer loan products.

Flexible premium car leasing for those interested in the highest quality vehicles.

Easily accessible and affordable mobility product for customers in underserved market segments.

Services 26%

Services products include flexible lease and subscription-based products that accounted for 26% of the Group’s total net portfolio as at June 2023.

A rent-to-buy product designed with ultimate flexibility in mind.

A solution to self-employed who use mobility as a source of income for providing for their families.

OX Drive offers Tesla based car-sharing experience in Riga region.

Eleving Group

Mogo is the leading brand in the Eleving Group portfolio. Founded in Latvia in 2012, Mogo revolutionized the way people purchase used cars. Expanding to all the Baltic countries within a year of its launch in Latvia, Mogo grew in the following years, spreading to 11 markets by 2021. Mogo changed the used vehicle market everywhere it went, by providing accessible financing for people with, up till then, limited access to funds.

Mogo recently made a bold shift, focussing on productive lending in developing countries. Productive lending means primarily financing vehicles for customers as a means to earn a living, or alternatively, to increase their income from existing businesses. This is achieved mainly by financing motorcycle taxis (Boda-Boda) in Africa.

Eleving Vehicle Finance provides a variety of products and services through developing different brands. It fills a funding gap, providing innovative financial solutions across the globe, which contribute to the empowerment of diverse communities, including local entrepreneurs.

Eleving Group

Eleving Consumer Finance’s business entities focus on markets where there is a need for financial inclusion and communities that are under-served by the conventional finance industry. In most cases, there is no “middle way” between difficult-to-access bank financing and very limited expensive short-term loans.

Cash economy market conditions exist in most markets that Eleving Consumer Finance entities enters. Our companies are, therefore, often the only ones which offer both online and offline customer service experiences. With more than 90 branches across Moldova, North Macedonia, Albania, and Ukraine we can offer flexible financial products, from credit lines to instalment loans, with a focus on providing access to substantial amounts of money in the most convenient way at affordable rates.


Supporting Projects

Connecting customers with car dealers

In addition to its core business activities, Eleving Vehicle Finance has also developed proprietary car sales portals in various world regions. There are currently more than 10 000 cars listed on its portals across 10 markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.