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Our way of making a positive impact

As a financial technology group with operations and clients around the world, we promote sustainable business practices and help our customers capitalize on opportunities that bring positive social and economic impacts.

ESG Commitment

We implement structured sustainability strategy
The Group commits to prioritize neutralizing of environmental footprint through product-related activities in forthcoming years
The Group`s headquarter offices have implemented a range of waste optimization initiatives, such as zero-paper policy and reducing plastic waste through water dispenser system instead of plastic bottles
The Group contributes to the building of prosperous and sustainable society, we support social activities in the local communities
Our employees' health, safety, and well-being are our top priority; the Group encourages and supports employees` volunteering activities
Anti-Corruption Policy, Code of Ethics, and Responsible lending principles are crucial for the whole Group
Equality, Inclusion, and Non-Discrimination policy implemented in all the Group companies
We care for a balanced gender diversity ratio, having 55% women and 45% men across all the positions by the end of 2020

Our ESG approach is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Our Approach

Transparency &

Reporting on our approach and performance regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance issues


Advancing financing opportunities that support environmental and social issues


Managing environmental and social risks associated with our financing activities

Engagement &
Market Development

Partnering with stakeholders to advance best practices and new opportunities


Leveraging the skills and passion of our employees to advance sustainability in our business and communities


Creating value for stakeholders

Managing a diverse and flexible workforce with the right variety of competencies ensures quality, innovation, and growth
Diversity in culture, race, age, gender, ethnic, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and other aspects are driven through Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Healthy gender diversity is in place: 55% women vs. 45% men in 2020
Culture of ownership: share options program for the Group employees
VALUE: Well-being, career advancement, and personal satisfaction
THROUGH: global career opportunities, consistent learning and mentoring, competitive salary, health insurance, safe workplace
Our customers range from private individuals to self-employed entrepreneurs. A diverse and wide customer base means vastly different expectations and needs, necessitating flexible offerings
A total of more than 350 000 customers
The total number of loans and finance leases issued since inception - over one billion euro
VALUE: enabled upward social mobility through financial inclusion across diverse communities
THROUGH: strong online and on-site presence and broad partnership with local entities; fast, easy, available product and customer service; responsible lending practices
Eleving Group investor community is mainly comprised of investors from the Baltics, Western and Central Europe. They value us as a trusted partner that can deliver consistent and sustainable growth
Investor community geography: Baltic region, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Austria
VALUE: return on the allocated capital
THROUGH: compliance with the international capital market rules, terms and conditions of the bond documentation, a sustainable and profitable business model, and continuous growth strategy, transparent reporting practices, diversified income sources, and ESG performance
Local Economies
We contribute to the level of employment across the markets the Group operates in. By embracing gender diversity and promoting equal pay, the Group provides local communities with jobs with a competitive salary and bonus system. Through employment and development of our business operations, we also consistently contribute to tax revenues by the local economies. Also, through productive lending concept we provide mobility to the customers, while often we elevate persons` ways to find the job or helping actual vehicle to becomes the value generating asset
VALUE: regular tax revenues, a well-paid and educated workforce, and a non-discriminating attitude from an international employer
THROUGH: the Group’s total tax contribution in 2020— EUR 12.5 million; regular training for employees—in 2020, more than 250 training courses for over 1 400 employees across all the countries the Group operates in
By complying with the local laws and regulatory requirements, we ensure business sustainability, responsible lending practices, and fair treatment of our clients
VALUE: a reliable, transparent, and compliant entity
THROUGH: the highest standard of legal compliance ensured by external compliance audits, regular reviews of internal documentation, policies, and procedures, as well as following the best practices and regulator recommendations

ESG impact made through products

our products
Better for society
Better for society
Productive lending

Vehicle becomes an income-generating asset

Accessibility to finance

Financial inclusion and additional financial freedom

Increased mobility

More opportunities to find a work outside of the area of living

Improved safety

Access to better and safer vehicles

Better for environment
Better for environment
Green vehicles

Enroll dedicated green vehicle financing initiatives across our markets during 2021

Lower pollution

69% of vehicles financed in Q1 2021 are new low-pollution vehicles (motorcycles)

Upgraded vehicles

We help people to improve their old vehicle to a newer one